From Dating To "I Do." Do it right this time. GROUP - Hey Aunt Sue

The Proven Steps to create and sustain a healthy relationship

Even if you’ve had many disappointments, you fear rejection and think it can’t be done!

A fun, educational/supportive group for women in their 20’s-30’s

I know you want a healthy relationship. You don’t want to settle, but you’re worried.

You see your friends get married, you’re the bridesmaid way too often. You’ve been to how many weddings this year? In the back of your mind you’re asking, “what’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t someone love me?” Why do I keep getting the guys that…

  • Don’t show up; they make me wait.
  • They don’t follow though with what they say.
  • They say they care, but they don’t act like it.
  • I’m mostly in a state of LONGING. In every relationship!
  • You might be in a relationship but would like to get to I Do? This time.

The best way to GET what you want is to learn What you’re doing that isn’t working. Why you’re doing it and HOW to do it differently. “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get what you got.” A great quote!

You’re confused and need help to figure this out. You need a guide, someone with lots of experience. Someone that has your back and is like an Aunt that tells you the truth. That would be me. :)

I can show you HOW to Create and Sustain a healthy relationship.

What’s the agenda?

Week 1: What’s your thing? 

Also known as What’s your pattern? You have the same problems with all the guys you date or are in a relationship with. Why is that? What the heck. You’ll have homework to help you figure this out. Once and for all! So you aren’t wandering around in la la land trying to figure this out. Does God hate you? Does the universe provide for others but not you? Are others just luckier? Spoiler alert: no to all those questions.

Week 2: Why do you have this pattern?

“Why does this keep happening to me?” I’ll show you why. It helps to know how you got here in order to change going forward.

Week 3: How do I change it?

If you know me, you know I work fast. I’m going to tell you in very clear terms what you can do different. So you can up the odds of finding a good one. Or if you’re in relationship, how to influence it. Women have a LOT of power in a relationship. They just don’t know it and how to use it. :) Did I just say that?

Remember in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The mom says, “The man may be the head of the family but the wife is the neck.” Women have known this forever! (I don’t believe the man should be the head of the family. I believe in equals.)

Week 4: More in-depth understanding of YOUR situation. 

We’re on our weekly call and have more time to talk to each woman and refine what you’re working on and help you have a more concrete understanding of YOUR specific problems. And how to change it. I work fast!

Week 5: Q&A and hot seat. 

Before the call I’m going to pick 1-2 women to walk though their biggest issue so you can learn and see what needs to change and HOW to do it. Women always get inspiration from seeing what’s going on with other women.

If you want to finally change your dating or relationship, learn HOW to do it now.

I can show you how to change what you’re doing and it WILL change your relationship. 

Week 6: Will be announced:) 

This is a safe, kind, caring group where you can talk about your concerns. I assure you, you’re not the only one that has done stupid stuff! (You’ll see.)

McKenzie Zajonc

If you are looking for a relationship expert who gets it AND is willing to show you exactly what to do to get what you want in love, career, and family – Sue is your answer. Her work is 100% advice and solutions – no fluff included – so if you want clear and concise direction moving forward – I can’t recommend Sue enough!”
– McKenzie Zajonc

The Group Training Program.

As a member, you’ll get the 6 week training program

Where? Online. It’s like Skype but more private. You just click a link to join. We’ll be able to see each other. Don’t worry, just roll out of bed and show up. It’ll be recorded if you need to miss one.

How big is the group? Small group of 6-8 smart, quick women. So you can learn from each other.

How long? 1 hour and 20 minutes

When? to be announced when next group starts.  We meet once a week online.

How much? 

It’s $495 for 6 weeks.

My fee for individual sessions is $150. So it would be $900 for 6 weeks if you were seeing me individually!

This is a quick, down to earth, affordable way to learn how to change what you’re doing. 

Allison Puryear

Sue’s my go-to for relationships. As a therapist, I know when clients need the kind of straight talk that Sue provides. So many relationship therapists and coaches just watch people make the same mistakes over and over while subtly drawing parallels and patterns. There’s nothing subtle about Sue, which is so refreshing. She’ll tell you flat out if you’re headed for the same train wreck as before without any hinting or sugar-coating. Though she’s up front and honest, she’s totally in your corner, pushing you towards a better life and a better relationship.
– Allison Puryear

Amy Crane

I just crack up at the things Sue says. She has such a soft, soothing voice but when she’s working with you, she wants the best for you. She’ll guide you down the right path. She’s frank, honest, and up front. Sue has so much experience and wisdom, I highly trust her skills.
– Amy Crane

This is For You If:

  • You’re really ready for a healthy, grownup relationship.
  • You’re BUSY with your career and friends.  You want to learn fast and move on!
  • You’re dating to find a committed relationship. A grown man to build a good life together.

This is NOT For You If:

  • You’re having a hard time functioning in your life.  This will be too fast for you.
  • You’re sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily. I’m not mean, but I do give you direct feedback.
  • You’re having a hard time with life. This is not therapy, it’s advice and education.

I’m so excited for this group… THIS IS WHAT YOU GET

A small group of smart, capable, supportive women who are here to help each other.

Ask me anything you want about what’s going on with YOU so you can start today changing your relationships.

You get access to me at a very affordable price.

We meet once a week for 6 weeks online.

I know you’re busy. We move fast and you get a lot of help now!

Let’s get you started on your new path to dating and relationships.

REFUND: I’m happy to offer a refund if you do the homework for the first 2 sessions and still think the group is not working for you.

There are 2 choices for payment: Full pay is $497, OR 2 payments of $267. 

To join, please fill out the application, I’ll get back to you within 48 hrs. to let you know if you’re accepted. Go here: 

The application is closed till the next session. 

Join the wait list. I’ll let you know when we open it up.

You don’t have to manifest it or believe it. You just have to learn HOW to do it right. This time.

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