Podcast - Hey Aunt Sue

#10: Compromise: How much is too much?

"Relationships are all about compromise." But how much is too much? How do you know when to settle and when you're getting screwed? I give you several examples of what is reasonable compromise and what is settling.

#9: Diane, I have doubts…

You know when you really have a crush on someone and then you start seeing them and oops, you're having doubts! Not a problem happening once, but what if it keeps happening over and over? In today's podcast, Diane has a question about this.

#8: How young is too young?

In today's podcast, Melissa has a question about her "younger man." Hear why maybe not, but what to look out for.

#7: “I need some space” Oh, those men.

We answer Leah's question today! She says, "I get in relationships with men who have pursued me and then at 2-3 months they want distance. Why is this happening and what do I do? Just walk away?"
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