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Sue Bates, M.Ed.

Sue Bates, M.Ed.
As mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show

You see your friends in relationships…You really want that too! You’re a little tired of going to all those weddings.

Or you’re in a relationship or married and it’s just not what you thought it would be.

You ask yourself, “For the love of God, why can’t I have a healthy relationship?” You’re feeling a bit lonely. 

You date and keep trying to meet a man that will actually work out. But it’s just not happening…yet!

You keep having the same problems with men, and you don’t know what to do about it.

The truth is: You just don’t know HOW to do this so it will work. AND, you’re not going to settle. You know deep down that some of your friends are settling and that’s not what you want. But still! “Why not ME?” Very sad face…

Calm down and have a little faith…

  1. You’re not alone. 
  2. I’ve been doing this for 40 yrs and I just love helping young women learn how the heck to do this.
  3. I want you to learn why this is happening so you don’t feel so hopeless.
  4. And teach you how to move forward so you can stop wasting your time!
  5. There are good men out there, I see women meet them all the time. Really.

I’ll transform those feeling of doubt and worry into confidence and knowing what the heck is going on with those men and how to deal with them. Those men…

You don’t want just any old Joe off the street. You want your soul mate, the one you love and he loves you. And you guys are on the same page. Not just screwing around, did I just say that?

When you learn how to date differently, you’re happier, you feel free, and you go into it with way more knowledge than 99% of men. (Sadly, that’s really true.) You have a PLAN. You can make much better decisions and don’t feel bad when a guy doesn’t work out. You can kiss a frog, figure out he’s a frog sooner and move on! Without all the ice cream eating.

Bottom line, my life’s work is to help YOU build the life you want. 

There are good men out there, let’s go find one for YOU! OR see what we can do about the one your have.

I don’t work with everyone, here’s who I work with: 

  • You’re ambitious, driven, you have so much going for you, but you just “forget it” with dating.
  • You have friends that love you and you love them.
  • You’re ready to look at what you need to change and start practicing doing it differently.
  • I’m not mean, but I’m honest and to the point. I don’t waste your time.
  • I work fast and you will want to be ready to put ideas into action.
  • We’ll have fun, I’m not really serious. Think of me as your fun, honest Aunt that wants the best for you

What people say: 

“When I first came to see Sue, I was at my wit’s end with the relationship I was in.
Through the encouragement and support I received from Sue, I was able to leave that relationship and undergo a fundamental shift in the way I viewed myself. I learned how to date, how to trust my gut instinct about a guy, and most importantly – how to love myself enough to walk away when my intuition sounded the alarm that this was “not a good man.”  I am now in a relationship with someone who adores me and listens to my concerns. I was able to find this relationship when I to leaned what to look for and what not to put up with.” Allison S.

Everyone has an opinion. Your mom, friends, grandma, tv shows… say things like:

“You are trying too hard. Just stop looking and you will find someone.”

Or… “You are not trying hard enough, you have to get out there!”

“You need to fix yourself up! or “You dress like you are trying too hard.”

“You are just not manifesting it.”

How do you know what will work?

How do you know which guys to date and when to leave them and move on?

You contact me.

Because I have done this for 40 years and I’m good at it.

Here’s how this works.

If you’re Dating. We look at what you are DOING. We work on changing that. I hold your hand through the process. (and hopefully he does too.) That way you can see what you’re doing, you can change your pattern and then stop dating the same loser men. Progress!

We start with online dating, or however you want to meet a guy. If it’s online, I help you look at the communication, who you’re wanting to date…I help you learn what to look for in an online profile. We look at your texting, you can learn so much even with just the first contacts with a man.

And… when you find a guy that looks like he might be a good one, we work on HOW to navigate dating. So it turns into an actual, functioning, loving, fun (a lot of the time) relationship.

If you’re in a Relationship OR Married. 

We work on what YOU can change. You have so much power when you learn what you need to do differently. When you change what you do, it does change the relationship. A lot of men don’t listen till we stand firm and mean it. I show you how and when do that.

So, go below and sign up for a free 20 minute consult and I’ll give you some good tips and we’ll see if we’re a good match. I don’t take everyone. And there is no obligation…

I will tell you if I can help you, I won’t waste your time. I have heard it all:)

This is NOT therapy, it is advice and education. If you are in Washington State and want therapy, go here. I do in person and online therapy from anywhere in WA state.

My fee is $150 for a 45 minute skype or phone call. Insurance will NOT pay for this.

This price will go up soon! Not sure when, but soon. I only take a few students at a time. Only ones that are a good match for both of us.

You only want to work with me if you are ready to make changes. I’m not mean, but I move fast and give you a lot of info you can use. I will call you on your “stuff”:) So if you don’t want to hear it, you don’t want to work with me.

You want to create a good relationship, I can’t wait to give you the info you need…

Sign up below for a free phone or Skype session. Be sure and click the “Set time zone” button below to get appt times…



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